Polar Guillotine

Polar guillotine is a piece of machinery made by a company called Polar, The company was founded by Adolf Mohr in 1906, the product line is sold worldwide and use the brand name Polar. Polar are producers of High Speed cutter for paper and graphic converting industry, peripheral equipment for all operations including cutting, label systems and Pile Turners. The company is a world leader in this line of industry. A guillotine, which can also be known as a die cutting machine, is used as a metal working process that cuts stock without causing chips and or the use of burning or melting. If the cutting blades are straight it can also be known as shearing, however if the cutting blades are curved then it is shearing type operations, which are most commonly used for materials such as sheet metal and plates. Guillotines are now also used throughout the printing industry this is so that products are cut to the exact requirements, by using a machine they are reducing the amount of wastage and making the company more cost effective.

Albion is a UK based company that source and supply printing machinery to the printing industry worldwide. With our excellent product knowledge we are able to listen to our customer�s comments, requirements and long term plans so that we can supply them with the best products for their requirements. This is why we have been able to build such strong working relationships with all of our customers. Over the years we have also be able to develop close relationships with the leading manufacturers in this industry with has also helped us have such a great knowledge of the products available.

At Albion we sales a range of polar guillotine machines who are also one of the leading companies on the market today, if you require help and assist as to which machine will best sort your needs then contact us today. Call us in 01527 517928, alternatively contact us via email on info@albionmac.co.uk. We aim to reply to all of our enquiries as soon as possible. We are situated on Heming Road, Redditch, Worcestershire.

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